Saturday, September 3, 2011

{recipe} rustic margarita...

before i post my recipe, i wanted to share with you all a little peek into my home. my husband and i live in a boring suburban apartment, but i think we've done a good job of personalizing our space. 

one of the first things i did after moving into the apartment, almost two years ago, was to set up the kitchen. we're lucky to have a "remodeled" kitchen, because we have a little nicer cabinets than some of our neighbors. still, they were a little too "vanilla" for me. so i added these cute bird decals to the doors. they're great~ super cute and totally removable. i would recommend this idea to any renter who wants a change, but can't do anything permanent. 

this is the lovely view i have while washing dishes. *sigh* i really wish there was a window instead of a blank wall there.

since my kitchen is so small, i really wanted to use that space wisely. i found the organizing rail and "holders" on a trip to ikea. (you can find similar items here.) its really nice having things up off the counter tops. 
now, for our recipe.

when my mother-in-law was in town for the wedding last month, she was searching the grocery store aisles for margarita mix. living in oregon, the only margarita mix grocery stores are allowed to sell are non-alcoholic. so, we had to go to the liquor store in order to get tequila.

it was worth it, though, because this margarita mix is awesome!
here's my recipe for a super-simple, "rustic margarita".
*no blender required!*

here's what you'll need:

one pint-sized mason jar
ice cubes
jose cuervo golden margarita mix (its tequila and grand marnier)
substitute the tequila mix for a bottle of corona or other mexican beer.

 first, add about four or five ice cubes to your jar. 
then, measure out about a shot of the golden margarita mix. 
(i got these cute little condiment cups from crate and barrel.)
add the margarita mix to your jar. then, fill the rest of your jar up with limeade.
stir and enjoy!

how simple is that? i hope you'll try it. 

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