Thursday, September 1, 2011

{life} my dream...

i'm a big-time dreamer. (aren't we all?) i have always had a big imagination and an idealistic outlook on life. the collage, above, represents my dream life. 

one day, i hope to own a shop, selling all sorts of crafty/vintage items. i also dream of becoming a wedding designer. i would travel around in a restored volkswagen bus, decorating peoples' weddings and making sure everything was perfectly beautiful. my bus would have pretty lace curtains inside, and my logo would look like a doily with text in a vintage typewriter font.

my personal life would include romantic evenings at home with the husband, "camping out" in our living room. we would travel, occasionally, and enjoy seeing all sorts of new things.

my home would be a haven, decorated in "granny chic". there would be lots of lacy details and handmade items. we'd be homebodies, much like we are now. and i'd host lovely dinner parties for friends. 

of course, this is just my dream. not that reality is a disappointment. i'm a very happy girl. its fun to dream, though. its also important that your goals are in line with what you think would ultimately make you happiest. so a little daydreaming is actually good for you! 

what's your dream??

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Lorraine Young Pottery said...

I just found your cute blog! I will tell you something funny, the photo of the Volkswagen bus is the same one I had! the exact same color, what I think of as pea soup shade and the same age, a real classic OLDIE!
I drove it right across the usa with my brother (not a comfortable thing to drive! long floaty stick shift). I think we were cursed as it seemed to break down in every state! the last straw was when the key got stuck in the starter position in the ignition, imagine a screeching sound and finally when we tried to get it out the key broke off! the engine caught fire and we had to replace the whole thing.

The key word here is RESTORED Volkswagen bus. Make sure you get a good engine!! LOL lesson learned.

Come say hi to my dream, to be an artist selling my animal creations. Would love to have you as a follower!

xxx Lorraine xxx

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