Saturday, April 9, 2011

{photo shoot} granny chic

I have a lot of fun setting up little vignettes and taking photos. Often times, I'll find any reason I can to do this. It was my day off, yesterday, and I had some fun with my vintage thrift store finds.

I have this rickety "mid-century modern" coffee table that use to hang out in my living room. Since I needed a table, I brought it out to my patio and laid the burlap fabric I recently bought over it. Then I went to work, arranging a pretty display of some of my favorite things.

Almost everything in these photos has been thrifted. I got the blue American Tourister train case for $3.50 at The Salvation Army. The doilies, aqua blue Mason jar, ceramic owl pair, and the needlepoint are all from Goodwill. The two clear glass jars are actually recycled from the fridgerator.   

I plan on setting up the gift table at my wedding something like this. I'm going to make a little banner for the train case that says "cards". The needlepoint might actually go on the guest book table. But I do plan on having a lot of Mason jars full of baby's breath and sunflowers. I'm trying to get a friend to go with me to the "jar guy" that I found on Craigslist. He has over 400 aqua blue Mason jars for $2.00 each. (*score!*) 

I showed my fiancĂ© my photos and he said I should get a job doing window displays. That's actually something I would totally dig. I used to love building displays and dressing mannequins when I worked in the Apparel department as a Men's section head. 

Speaking of which, I got a new job this week. Its actually just a transfer, but I will be back in the Apparel department and in a store across town. Same company and all, so I keep my seniority and benefits. I'm really excited for the change, because I've wanted to do something different for a while now. 

The new job alters my plans a bit. I may not be able to blog and craft as much as I used to, because I'll be working more hours. And since I'm less than four months from my wedding, all my spare time is being used sewing and putting things together. Its exciting, but a lot of work! Once things have settled down again, I imagine my free time will be a lot more relaxing.


Krystal said...

exciting about the transfer!!! and you totally should create window displays..for like, anthro or something :)

Manda Jane said...

i love the train case! and i also love your banner! super creative and cute set-ups for your pics!

Juhee said...

love the display and your banner as well!

The Perfect Pear said...

love the display! super pretty and has a lovely vintagey feel! i just love vintage! love your header too :)

Sabrina said...

Thanks, ladies, for all of you kind comments. I appreciate it. <3

I love vintage too!

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