Sunday, April 24, 2011

{life} venturing out...

Today is the day I start my new job. I'm very excited that this is finally happening. I have been wanting to work in apparel again for SO LONG! Sometimes its hard to believe that its real, and I haven't been dreaming.

I think I have a fresh new outlook on this. Yes, its work and that means there's going to be times I HATE it. But its also something I'm much better suited doing, something that interests me more, and can grow into more of a career. I have a personal life these days, which makes a HUGE difference too. 

There are other advantages to my new job. Instead of wearing a uniform, I can wear all the cute clothes that have been stowed away in my closet forever! I can wear a dress to work if I want. I don't have to make sure I have a clean uniform anymore! *ah*

I've always said, "Change is good". When we get stuck in a place for too long, doing the same thing day after day, life gets boring. Variety is essential, at least to my happiness. So while I'm a little scared today, I'm also feeling relief, happiness, and anticipation.


Elis said...

Good luck with your first day at the new job! With your positive outlook I'm sure it will go great, especially once you get used to the "newness" of the whole thing. :)

Sabrina said...

Thanks, Elis. The new job is great! <3

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