Friday, April 29, 2011

{blog ideas} weddings...

As you all may know (because I may have mentioned it a thousand times already), I'm getting married this August. I keep a blog devoted to my wedding planning, here.

Planning the big day has been fun, but definitely a bit of a challenge. My budget is pretty small and I'm doing a lot of projects myself. I've taken on the task with a positive attitude, however, and made it a bit of a game. I decided from the very beginning, my wedding was going to comprise of mostly second-hand, thrifted, and handmade elements in order to have as small an impact on the environment as possible (meaning no plastic or paper napkins/serveware/etc.), as well as my budget.

I was originally inspired to do this by the lovely Tif Fussel, aka "dottie angel", and her "challenge of the utmost kind". 

And so my goal is to help other couples who are pinching their pennies, but still believe in having a beautiful wedding. Afterall, it isn't the amount of money you spend on invitations or who made your dress that counts. What really matters is the love that even made your special day possible in the first place.

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