Wednesday, May 18, 2011

{crafts} wedding invitations...

I've been very busy these days. Not only do I have a new job, but every spare minute of my life has become devoted to wedding planning. I took on a pretty big task with my handmade~second hand~thrifty wedding, but its been extremely rewarding so far.

Number one task completed: I designed and made all of my invitations!
It was actually pretty simple, thanks to some print shop software on my laptop and good ol' Kinkos!

Having read many blogs over the past year, I discovered I really like centered layouts. I also knew I wanted the print to look like it had been written on a typewriter. 
Quite a while ago, I had downloaded free fonts from Dafont. (One of my favorite websites!) I selected "Bohemian Typewriter" for most of the print, and "peach sundress" for our names.

I didn't want super formal wording for the invites, since that's just not my style. My wedding is pretty casual, so the invites read:

"you are invited 
to celebrate the wedding of
sabrina kissinger
kris owrey..."

The image below the wording is a cute pair of owls that I stamped on the original. 

I took a printout of the invitation to Kinkos and used Kraft paper cardstock to make copies. Once I got the alignment on the copier set, it took less than five minutes to print all my invitations. Then I just cut them down to size, and rounded the corners with a hand punch!  

 I ordered prints of my favorite photograph of me and Kris from snapfish. I figured it would be nice for our friends and family to receive their very own photo. (I always loved it when my friends did that with their wedding invitations.)

Each invitation "packet" was then wrapped in a paper doily and tied up with jute twine. Attached to the twine is a manila tag, stamped with "Love Birds" in brown ink.

I wanted the envelopes to match as closely as possible. They're a little lighter than the cardstock, but it helps make the addresses easier to read.

I addressed each invitation by hand, too. 

I sent out the first batch of invitations two weeks ago. Kris' aunt and mother both called to tell me they received theirs and how cute they were.

I have another batch to send out, as soon as I get addresses. I'm glad that its over, for the most part, though. I'm looking forward to the next steps in my planning process! 


San said...

Beautiful! Absolutely love it!

Krystal said...

they look sooooooo good!!!

Sabrina said...

Thanks ladies! After I first had them done, I would just look at them and smile. I think they're adorable, if I say so myself. :)

Elis said...

How sweet! You did an amazing job with these! I have received a lot of wedding invites in the past couple years but none of them were anywhere near as unique or pretty as yours. I can just imagine how lovely the rest of your wedding will be. :)

Lace.and.Likes. said...

ummm these are INCREDIBLE!!! oh my goodness lady
so talented-ps love your blog ;)

Nicole Coffin. said...

So cute! You did an awesome job!!!

Anonymous said...

These are so lovely : ) I am was planning something similar in regards to the lace doilies wrapping it up - do you remember where you got your doilies?

Sabrina said...

Jaclyn, if you're still interested, I purchased the paper doilies at The Dollar Tree. They're pretty thin, but worked for wrapping the invites well. :)

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