Sunday, March 27, 2011

{inspiration} blue velvet...

There's something about velvet that just feels yummy to me. I remember owning a black velvet dress when I was a little girl. It may have been my favorite. For a long time, I had purple velvet curtains in my bedroom. They were really pretty.

I haven't owned anything velvet in a LONG time, but I'm totally in love with these blue velvet items:

This sofa: 
This seems very Boho to me. I love it!

This chair (and actually the wallpaper too) reminds me of a 1950s movie.
Love the beautiful vintage style.

I would totally carry this purse.

One of my favorite bloggers/Etsy shop owners is Laura of Violet Bella. She's gorgeous and I admire her sense of style.
Her jacket rocks!

I used to own a red velvet jacket. I think it was pretty old. I bought it at The Buffalo Exchange in San Francisco. I don't know what I ever did with it, though. (Probably sold it at a garage sale before moving to the big city!)

So now that its spring, and I really don't need a velvet jacket, maybe I can find another at a thrift store or vintage shop. I've been wanting to dress up more, lately. I get tired of wearing a uniform.

Do you love velvet? Or, is there another fabric or style that inspires you?


Elis said...

I do love velvet! :) I have a vintage blue velvet throw pillow on my couch that is so plush, vivid, and pretty that it makes me smile every time I see it. :) I've always loved velvet jackets, and one of my wardrobe staples in high school was a thrifted black velvet blazer. I lost it many years ago, then replaced it a couple years ago with a different one that I got while on a trip to Seattle. Ironically, I recently found EXACTLY the same brand/style/size of velvet jacket that I had in high school at EXACTLY the same local thrift store where I found the old one. Amazingly it still fit me, but I gave it to my daughter since she'd been looking for a velvet blazer, and it looked darling on her. ^_^

tracie said...

Hi I'm (finally)trying to get caught up on visiting and following our Indie 3.0 group and stopped by to say HI!
I'm Tracie at
Looking forward to getting to know you better!
I love velvet too! You have a great eye for style. I want to lay on the couch, read a book, have a cocktail and listen to some soft jazz.

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