Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Bedroom redo...

My bedroom is a mess and REALLY needs some tlc. Its kind of rough, sharing a room with a guy, though. He doesn't like floral prints and pretty colors. What's a girl to do?

(My old bed)

Before moving in with my fiancĂ©, I had my bedroom decorated exactly how I wanted it. I kind of went with an ethnic, Moroccan inspired look. Everything was orange, turquoise, pink, and purple. I had bold, colorful pillows layered on the bed, and gauzy pink and orange curtains that had sparkly sequin trim. I LOVED my bedroom. 

But then, the man and I moved into our apartment, and we use the spare room as our bedroom. (The master bedroom is used as a craft room.) Its pretty small, gets messy very easily, and the bright colors kind of overwhelmed the small space. The man and I have discussed redecorating the bedroom, because I felt like we needed to make it OUR space, not just mine. We settled on a gray and purple color scheme, but so far no actual work has been done.

I could see something like this working in our bedroom.

I like Bohemian style, and I'm afraid the man likes more contemporary decor. He really played a big role in how our living room is decorated. While I don't HATE it, I don't LOVE it either. It's okay. I just wish he didn't care how things looked, so I could decorate however I wanted. I like a lot of different styles. I can go girlie and light, or dramatic and bold.

 In all honesty, I don't see us living in this apartment this time next year. We're looking to rent a house or duplex with a garage and a yard after our current lease is up. So I don't really want to spend a lot of time painting the room and getting it perfect, if we're just going to be leaving. 

I really like how people are decorating with unpainted, white walls. That's a trend I can really get into, and I feel is practical in our situation. You can always bring color in through your choice of textiles and art.

(via decor8)

I think the cost of all new bedding and accessories is also playing a big part in why I haven't worked on redecorating the bedroom. I'd like to be able to reuse or recycle something into an awesome bed set and curtains. When the time comes, maybe I'll be heading down to Goodwill to check out their sheet selection.

Do you redecorate often? What are some of your tricks for updating a space without spending a fortune? 


Elis said...

I tend to go through a mini redecorating phase about once a year, usually around now. I haven't done much yet this year though. I am all about saving money/doing things on the cheap, so I look for items in thrift stores that can be rehabbed into something prettier. I like to paint, reupholster, and/or decoupage old furniture to make it look different. I make all my own curtains, quilts, lap blankets, throw pillows, and other small things like that. I started making slip covers for throw pillows so I don't have to start completely over if I get bored with the look of them--I can just whip up new slipcovers instead. Usually our biggest expenses are area rugs and slipcovers for our couch, stuff like that. If you live near an Ikea, they have a lot of basic items that are inexpensive and can go a long way toward a new look. :)

Sabrina said...

I'm also about doing things inexpensively and reusing stuff I find or that people have given us. I also sew, so there's no reason for me not to get crafty with this project. And, yes, I LOVE IKEA. I got my orange and white duvet cover there. Its just a little difficult for me to get there because its in the city, but I'll definitely check them out soon. I'm getting a little excited about this now. :)



I love white home is a testament to that fact!
They remind me of white paper, or an unpainted canvas ready for a work of art!

So, that being said, what I do is bring in colour with bedding, throw blankets that I crochet, paintings I hang on the walls, etc.
Your home should just be a reflection of you and your Hubby to be.
It's okay to mix styles, you don't have to fit anything into a defined category.

Let HIM be a part of your blended surroundings. Let your dwelling reflect both if your interests, and all of your passions.

Biggest tip...any thrift store furniture find is brilliant in white! A coat of paint works wonders!

Hope this helps!
I'm 36 and I've been married to my best friend for 17 years now this October...and apartment or house...make wherever you are your HOME!

Ciao Bella!

Creative Carmelina

Btw...I love your new blog look! And I'm following!

Sabrina said...

Thanks for the advice, Carmelina. I'll be 31 in April, and I guess after being single for so long, I'm just used to doing things my way. I'm also the baby of the family AND the only girl, so I was a little spoiled growing up. I'm not used to guys caring about how a home is decorated, but I'll definitely take your words to heart. The whole reason I suggested a bedroom redo was because I wanted Kris to feel comfortable in OUR space. He doesn't have a lot of demands for the wedding, which I thought would be more important to him. So I can totally blend and compromise on our home. <3

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